Joey Pigza Loses Control

Dear Mr.Daw,

I just finished a book called
Joey Pigza Loses Control By: Jack Gantos. This book made me feel really bad because Joey was lying to his mom.I can connect to this because sometimes I lie to my mom that I finished all of my homework. This book is Just Right for me because I can understand how Joey is feeling and I know what is happening in the book.

One of the characters that changed in the book was Joey because in the beginning of the book he didn't really mind wearing his medicine patches but when his dad said that he wasn't being a normal kid Joey began getting really crazy because he wants to be a normal kid and he doesn't have his patches to cool him down. Someone else that changed in the book was grandma. Grandma changed because in the beginning of the book she didn't care about Joey but later on she changed a lot.

This book is about a boy named Joey. His mother and father are divorced. One summer Joeys mom lets him stay at his dads house. Joeys dad is not a very good person because he drinks and says that he will stop one day but he will never stop. Joeys dad has a girlfriend called Leezy. She lets Joeys dad drink and lets him do whatever he wants to.
Joey wants so spend time with his father but his father is so caught up into baseball and is pushing Joey really hard. One night Joeys dad made Joey throw away all his patches. When he had his patches on he was normal. But when he didn't have his patches on he was another person. A crazy person. Joey tries acting really calm but he is not through out the book he was ok in the beginning but he then he will act really crazy. One day grandma and him went to the park to golf. They were going to but Joey realized that his grandma's tube to breath in was caught on the golf swinger. When she swung the ball blood was all over her and she couldn't breath. On the last day of the baseball game Joey went to the mall and called his mother to come pick him up. When his mother was there he got on the car. Something I think that could change in the book is when Joey goes home wiht his mother the grandmother can also come because Joeys dad was treating her really unfairly.