December15,2009 How Do You Spell G-E-E-K?

Dear Mr.Daw,

I just finished reading a book called How Do You Spell G-e-e-k? By:Julie Anne Peters. This book made me feel kind of nervous because when Ann the main character had a fight with her best friend named Kimberly. This can relate to my life because when I have a fight with my best friend I feel really lonely and when my best friend is with someone else, this helped me with the book because I know who Kimberly feels when Ann is with Lurlene. Lurlene is the girl who came to this school called Shiffley Middle School, before that she was home schooled. This is a just right for me because I understand most of the words in the book and when the author is showing not telling I know what she is saying.

One of the characters that changed in the book was Kimberly. Before she was really kind but later on in the story she feels left out and wants Ann to play and study with her, but Ann can't because she is Lurlene's sponsor. Another character is Ann. She didn't like Lurlene at first because her friend Kimberly thought so, later on in the story Ann changed and had so much fun with Lurlene that she forgot about Kimberly.

December 15,2009
This book is about a girl name Lurlene she just moved to town. Before that she was home schooled so she doesn't know anything about it, Ann her sponsor their principal picked Ann because she knew what it felt like to have parents that divorced , the only problem is that Ann doesn't like Lurlene. Kimberly Ann's best friend is studying for a spelling bee and Kimberly doesn't want Lurlene to join. Later on in the story Ann and Lurlene start getting closer to each other, and Kimberly feels left out. One day Lurlene wants to join but it is to late. All she can do is to pretend she is home schooled, Lurlene agreed with the principal. When the day came of the spelling bee finally came it Lurlene, Ann, and Kimberly made it to the other one. Kimberly spelt something wrong so she had to leave. Now it is Ann verse Lurlene, when Lurlene was trying to spell something Ann started chanting in her mind spell it wrong spell it wrong. After all Lurlene gave up and Ann won the spelling bee.

The Midnight Pig December 3rd,2009

The Midnight Pig is about a girl named Kylie she moved to town. Her mom works at a mini store. At school Kylie's teacher Ms.Sharp asked Kylie if she wanted a pet pig because her brother had one, she said sure. When the pig came Kylie was so happy.One night Kylie's mom Cheryl made a announcement that she was to tired so she needed someone to look after the store. "Tony Thompson" He was the one who was looking after the mini store from 4:30 until the shop closes. A few weeks later Tony was sketching out a plan of a bank. At dinner time Kylie told her mom Tony was going to rob a bank and her mom didn't believe her. A few days later Tony said that his grandmother was sick and that he needed to go visit her. The next day two men were robbing the bank. At night Fred grunted and Cheryl said that Kylie should go see what was going on. When Kylie went out she saw Tony sneaking in a old graveyard and going in a abandoned house. Kylie followed along but crunch Tony looked back and saw Kylie he took her in the house. The police car came and Tony and his "buddy" got handcuffed and went to jail.

Sign Of The Beaver /December 1st

In a colony a boy named Matt and his father were working together. One his father said Matt's mother had a baby and they had to go out for a long journey with Matts sister. Now he is stuck in the cabin having nothing to do. He meets a Native American in a group called "The Beaver". One day Matt tries to get honey and a bunch of bees swirled around his head. He falls on the ground and a Native American(Attean's grandfather) Save's him. Matt and the grandfather made a deal, if Matt teach's Attean then they have to give him food. Attean's come's the first few days. Attean doesn't enjoy himself for a few days. After a long time he finally enjoys himself, Matt reads him a story about Robinson Crusoe. Attean and Matt went fishing and started having fun. One day Attean said that he had to leave and find his sprite(Manitou) Then go out and hunt for a deer then come back before Attean left he gave Matt snow shoes for the winter. Matt is worried about his father not coming back because it looked like winter was coming up. Matt tries on the snow shoes Attean gave him, when he was prancing around he saw a sleid. It was his father! They went in the cabin and Matt's father told Matt about the sickness and that the baby had died after five days.

Whipping Boy Summary

Whipping Boy By Sid Feishman
There goes Prince brat running away, he decides to bring Jemmy his whipping boy along. They got captured by cutthroats Cutwater and Hold Your Nose Billy. Both boys decides to run away and find their way back to the castle. Along the way they meet Petunia the bear.Petunia helps Jemmy and Prince Brat(Horace)escape from Cutwater and Hold Your Nose Billy.

Then they met the potato man. Prince Brat and Jemmy are still trying to get away from Cutwater and Hold Your Nose Billy. Later when Prince Brat and Jemmy find a sewer they jump in. Jemmy found one of his old friends named O'l Johnny Tosher he helps them get away with Cutwater and Hold Your Nose Billy. Jemmy and Prince Brat hid behind the wall and Cutwater and Hold Your Nose Billy get covered with rats.

Madison Finn Sink Or Swim

Dear Mr.Daw,
I just finished reading a book called Madison Finn Sink Or Swim By:Laura Dower.This book made me feel happy because Madison's friends are all going and she is the only one left.I can connect to this because when I want to play with my friend over the summer they are gone.This is a just right book because I can understand most.

One of the characters that changed in the story was Eliot the baby Madison was baby sitting in the beginning Eliot didn't like Madison and started crying when she came,but at the end Eliot was fine with Madison coming.Another charicter was Madison Eliot and Madison didn't have much in-common the first place but Madison started understanding him as each day went along.

The problem in this story is that Madison want to babysit but Eliot the baby is crying begging for his mommy every single time. One day Madison came and Eliot wants to play with Madison and doesn't want his mommy anymore.Something I would change about the book is the part when Madison and her dad is having dinner with her dad's girlfriend Stephanie,because thats not really important at all another thing is to add more about Eliot's baby sister. I think the authors message isto be more careful and do what the baby wants to do because the baby might cry and hit you.
November 19,2009
This book is about a girl named Madison getting a baby sitter job. Madison has nothing to do over the summer so she get's a job.Baby sitting. The kid is called Eliot,he is a boy with a frowny face on him most of the time.He doesn't like Madison for a few days. But once Eliot's mom start's ignoring him,he want's Madison. Eliot loves to swim but one rainy day Eliot wanted to go swimming,Madison said that it was rainy so they couldn't.Instead Madison and Eliot plays in the bathroom with Eliot's boat and Eliot gets soaked so did Madison but she didn't mind because this was the first time Madison has seen Eliot not in a grumpy mood.On chat Madison asked her friend why Eliot was always in a bad mood.Her friend Aimee tells her it might be because of Eliot's baby sister.

Book Bytes October 2009

Here is my book talk video.

Other Wise Known As Sheila The Great October 14,2009

Dear Mr.Daw,
I just finished a book called Other Wise Known As Sheila The Great. By Judy Blume.This book is realistic fiction I know this because it said that Sheila
can't swim.This book can connect to my life because sometime I hate how people don't do what I say when I am really scared,this helped me understand because I know how she feels.

Some Character traits are that Sheila is very mean to Jennifer the dog this changed because at the bend of the book she started liking Jennifer and said she was really friendly.Another character I can do is Mouse.She starts being mean to Sheila when Sheila said that Mouse couldn't help with the school newspaper(summer school)At the end of the book Mouse said that she was sorry and could of trust Sheila.

The way this books problem was that Sheila wanted to go to Disney Land for summer but at the end she said that she liked it better at the place Ergans.Something I would change about the book is that when she met ooch because was not the most important part of the story and you only needed to know that Mouse had a sister named Betsy.I think the authors theme is that you should not judge a place until you see it because in this story Sheila learns that the Ergans place is much more fun then Disney Land. November 4th,2009
This book is about a girl named Sheila.She has a sister named Libby.Its summer and Sheila wants to go to Disney Land.But her mother says that they are going to the Ergans over the break.When Sheila got there she saw a small dog,her name was Jennifer.Now Sheila is afraid of dogs so she tells her dad to get that little thing out of the yard.But Libbys says no don't take that away.Sheila said ok and she went out.Thats where she meets Mouse.Mouse loves to yoyo she can do a lot of tricks on it.Mouse asks Sheila if she could stay for lunch,she said sure why not?One day Sheila finds herself in a very bad situation.Sheila does not want Mouse to know that Sheila does not know how to swim,so when Mouse and Sheila were talking Sheila's mom came and said Sheila I have a teacher teaching you swimming.When Mouse heard this she was shocked.Mouse did not talk to Sheila for a day or two.One day Mouse and her friends were playing in the water and Sheila was taking lessons for swimming.The teacher was called Marty.At the endn of the book what happens is that Sheila and her friends have a sleepover and Mouse tells the truth about what Sheila was.Later that day they had a BBQ thats when Sheila said Jennifer wasn't that bad after all.