Madison Finn Sink Or Swim

Dear Mr.Daw,
I just finished reading a book called Madison Finn Sink Or Swim By:Laura Dower.This book made me feel happy because Madison's friends are all going and she is the only one left.I can connect to this because when I want to play with my friend over the summer they are gone.This is a just right book because I can understand most.

One of the characters that changed in the story was Eliot the baby Madison was baby sitting in the beginning Eliot didn't like Madison and started crying when she came,but at the end Eliot was fine with Madison coming.Another charicter was Madison Eliot and Madison didn't have much in-common the first place but Madison started understanding him as each day went along.

The problem in this story is that Madison want to babysit but Eliot the baby is crying begging for his mommy every single time. One day Madison came and Eliot wants to play with Madison and doesn't want his mommy anymore.Something I would change about the book is the part when Madison and her dad is having dinner with her dad's girlfriend Stephanie,because thats not really important at all another thing is to add more about Eliot's baby sister. I think the authors message isto be more careful and do what the baby wants to do because the baby might cry and hit you.
November 19,2009
This book is about a girl named Madison getting a baby sitter job. Madison has nothing to do over the summer so she get's a job.Baby sitting. The kid is called Eliot,he is a boy with a frowny face on him most of the time.He doesn't like Madison for a few days. But once Eliot's mom start's ignoring him,he want's Madison. Eliot loves to swim but one rainy day Eliot wanted to go swimming,Madison said that it was rainy so they couldn't.Instead Madison and Eliot plays in the bathroom with Eliot's boat and Eliot gets soaked so did Madison but she didn't mind because this was the first time Madison has seen Eliot not in a grumpy mood.On chat Madison asked her friend why Eliot was always in a bad mood.Her friend Aimee tells her it might be because of Eliot's baby sister.

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  1. I think this is a very good book report. I really like how you explained Eliot's mood, and how he was very happy after playing in the tub with Madison. I think you should change some of your spelling mistakes, and there was a part that didn't really make sense, I think you should explain more of what you felt, and not just tell the story. But overall, I think this is a very good report.