Sign Of The Beaver /December 1st

In a colony a boy named Matt and his father were working together. One his father said Matt's mother had a baby and they had to go out for a long journey with Matts sister. Now he is stuck in the cabin having nothing to do. He meets a Native American in a group called "The Beaver". One day Matt tries to get honey and a bunch of bees swirled around his head. He falls on the ground and a Native American(Attean's grandfather) Save's him. Matt and the grandfather made a deal, if Matt teach's Attean then they have to give him food. Attean's come's the first few days. Attean doesn't enjoy himself for a few days. After a long time he finally enjoys himself, Matt reads him a story about Robinson Crusoe. Attean and Matt went fishing and started having fun. One day Attean said that he had to leave and find his sprite(Manitou) Then go out and hunt for a deer then come back before Attean left he gave Matt snow shoes for the winter. Matt is worried about his father not coming back because it looked like winter was coming up. Matt tries on the snow shoes Attean gave him, when he was prancing around he saw a sleid. It was his father! They went in the cabin and Matt's father told Matt about the sickness and that the baby had died after five days.

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