Joey Pigza Loses Control

Dear Mr.Daw,

I just finished a book called
Joey Pigza Loses Control By: Jack Gantos. This book made me feel really bad because Joey was lying to his mom.I can connect to this because sometimes I lie to my mom that I finished all of my homework. This book is Just Right for me because I can understand how Joey is feeling and I know what is happening in the book.

One of the characters that changed in the book was Joey because in the beginning of the book he didn't really mind wearing his medicine patches but when his dad said that he wasn't being a normal kid Joey began getting really crazy because he wants to be a normal kid and he doesn't have his patches to cool him down. Someone else that changed in the book was grandma. Grandma changed because in the beginning of the book she didn't care about Joey but later on she changed a lot.

This book is about a boy named Joey. His mother and father are divorced. One summer Joeys mom lets him stay at his dads house. Joeys dad is not a very good person because he drinks and says that he will stop one day but he will never stop. Joeys dad has a girlfriend called Leezy. She lets Joeys dad drink and lets him do whatever he wants to.
Joey wants so spend time with his father but his father is so caught up into baseball and is pushing Joey really hard. One night Joeys dad made Joey throw away all his patches. When he had his patches on he was normal. But when he didn't have his patches on he was another person. A crazy person. Joey tries acting really calm but he is not through out the book he was ok in the beginning but he then he will act really crazy. One day grandma and him went to the park to golf. They were going to but Joey realized that his grandma's tube to breath in was caught on the golf swinger. When she swung the ball blood was all over her and she couldn't breath. On the last day of the baseball game Joey went to the mall and called his mother to come pick him up. When his mother was there he got on the car. Something I think that could change in the book is when Joey goes home wiht his mother the grandmother can also come because Joeys dad was treating her really unfairly.

Rules April 22, 2010

I just finished reading a book called Rules By:Cynthia Lord. This book made me feel bad for Catherine because when my little brother is not behaving himself and is not listening to me when he is not suppose to do something. This made me understand the book more because I knew how Catherine was feeling when this happened to her. This book is Just Right because I knew how each character felt in the book and I also knew words in the book.

Two of the character that changed in the story the most was Catherine and David. Catherine changed in the story because in the beginning of the book Catherine was so mean to David and David just wanted to have fun. Another thing that changed for Catherine was that she was always so embarrassed that David was her brother because David has autism. David changed in the story because in the beginning David was so crazy he kept on screaming and he wanted Catherine to play with him.

This book is about a girl named Catherine. She has a brother that has autism and so her brother David doesn't really understand that there rules to things like knock on the bathroom door if the door is closed. David has to go to OT, OT is were he does activites to help him. One day Catherine goes to OT with David. Catherine sees this guy named Jason. He couldn't talk or walk so he had to sit on a wheel chair and he had card that had words on so when he wants to say something he could just point to the note card. Catherine was sketching him but Jasons mom saw and started saying to Catherine "Why are you looking at him? Because he's different?" Catherine was so scared that she didn't want to look at Jason anymore. The next time at OT Catherine apologized to Jason. Jason wanted to be friends with Catherine so he asked her what she drew the other day Catherine told Jason it was a sketch of him. When a new neighbor comes Catherine wants to play with her but Ryan a friend of Catherine's is always playing with Kristy the neighbor. One day Kristy and Ryan invite Catherine and Jason to a community dance but it is also Jason's birthday so Catherine goes to Jason's party but later on Jason and Catherine get in a fight so Catherine goes to the dance but when she is there Kristy and Ryan are not there yet. At the end of the book Jason and Catherine dance and Kristy and Ryan dance together. I think the authors message is that even if your sibling has a problem don't be embarrassed.

Civil War Reading Response

Dear Mr.Daw,

This Civil War book I have just finished reading is called "The Diary of Clotee a Slave Girl" by Patricia C.McKassack this book made me feel sad because many people had died. No one in my family is died yet but I know how Clotee is feeling. This book is just right to me because understand what is happening, but in the beginning the book was kind of confusing because I didn't know what was happening in the beginning.

One character that changed was Hince because before Spicy had come he wasn't very happy and when Spicy came Hince was very happy and liked Spicy. Another character change was Clotee, in the beginning she was very happy but later on a lot of characters in the book die so she becomes very sad. She is also very mad at Master Henley because he killed most of Clotee's friend or you can say the slaves that Master Henley owned. I think that the authors message is that people kill people when they don't obey what the person is saying when it is a African-American.

This book is about a slave who knew how to read and write. She keeps it a secret. She trust's her friends but doesn't want to tell anyone. Clotee the slave wants to know what abolish means. So she looks in Mas' Henley's room and finds some newspapers and looks in it. Mas Henley and his friend are always talking about abolish. One day Wook, and Reggie got married. Wook and Reggie got a baby named Noah. One day Wook, Reggie, and Noah ran away and when they were at the river Wook and Noah drounded and Reggie was going to run away but Mas' Henely shoots him. One day William Mas' Henely's son goes out and rides a horse. William tells Uncle Heb that his father told him he could ride the horse. Uncle Heb believed William that he could so Wiliam got on the horse and starts to ride. When William comes back Uncle Heb finds out that William is badly hurt, and got his leg broken so William had to ride on a wheelchair. When Mas' Henely's hears about this he whipped Uncle Heb until he died. Later on in the book William gets a tutor named Mr.Harms. He finds out that Clotee can read and write and he is also helping in the Underground Railroad with a man. At first Clotee thought that he would protect Reggie, Wook, and baby Noah but he didn't. At the last part of the book what happens is that Clotee is safe and she is very happy.

March 9, 2010 My Brother Stevie

Dear Mr, Daw,

I finished reading a book called My Brother Stevie By: Eleanor Clymer. This book made me feel sad because Stevie and Annies mother ran away from them because Stevie wasn't behaving. I can relate to this because sometimes I am not b
ehaving. This helps me because I know how it feels like to be not behaving. This is a just right book because I understand every word in the book and I know what is going on.

Stevie changed in the book because in the beginning Stevie was messing around the subway throwing rock at the train. But soon he learns that it is very dangerous to do that because people in the train can get hurt. Annie also changed in the book because in the beginning Annie got really mad at Stevie and couldn't trust him because he was throwing rocks at the train. But soon Annie is trusting Stevie because Stevie is learning not to throw rocks at the train.

This book is about a boy named Stevie not behaving so his mother runs away. Stevie and Annie Stevie's sister has to live in their grandmothers house because their dad had died and their mother ran away. Stevie's grandmother is more of an peaceful person and thinks that Stevie's mother is childish because she dance's around the living room when she is happy. One day Annie saw Stevie throw rocks at the train and went home. When Annie went home she saw Stevie and asked where he went. Stevie said nothing. Then Annie knew where to go to make Stevie stop throwing rocks at the train. The next day Annie went to Stevie's teacher called Mrs.Stover she said that she would take Stevie's class out and have them sit inside the train so they know how it feels like. Something else she said was that her mother was already died. When Mrs. Stover and Skipper goes out of town because her mother is very ill. When Annie and Stevie hears about this Annie is wondering why did Mrs.Stover have to leave? Annie went to her piggy bank and looks at how much money she has. Annie didn't have enough money so she went to her friend and asks her if she could lend some money. The next day Annie tells Stevie to pack is bags, Annie tells her grandmother that she decides that she wants to bring Stevie to a show that Annie was suppose to go with her friends, instead she takes Stevie on the train to Mrs.Stover in Hacketville New York. When Annie and Stevie get to
Hacketville they go to a store and ask for Mrs.Stover. The people who were working there didn't know who Mrs.Stover was because Mrs.Stover's mom was Mrs.Carter. When Annie and Stevie finally found out where Mrs.Stover lived they took the cab and went to her house. When Annie and Stevie got to Mrs.Stovers house they wait. Stevie went out and played with the other boys. When Mrs.Stover came Annie asked why Mrs.Stover said her mother was died. Mrs.Stover explained that she had a foster mother because her mother had died. Annie and Stevie called their Grandmother and told her that they were safe. After a few days Annie and Stevie had to go home.

December15,2009 How Do You Spell G-E-E-K?

Dear Mr.Daw,

I just finished reading a book called How Do You Spell G-e-e-k? By:Julie Anne Peters. This book made me feel kind of nervous because when Ann the main character had a fight with her best friend named Kimberly. This can relate to my life because when I have a fight with my best friend I feel really lonely and when my best friend is with someone else, this helped me with the book because I know who Kimberly feels when Ann is with Lurlene. Lurlene is the girl who came to this school called Shiffley Middle School, before that she was home schooled. This is a just right for me because I understand most of the words in the book and when the author is showing not telling I know what she is saying.

One of the characters that changed in the book was Kimberly. Before she was really kind but later on in the story she feels left out and wants Ann to play and study with her, but Ann can't because she is Lurlene's sponsor. Another character is Ann. She didn't like Lurlene at first because her friend Kimberly thought so, later on in the story Ann changed and had so much fun with Lurlene that she forgot about Kimberly.

December 15,2009
This book is about a girl name Lurlene she just moved to town. Before that she was home schooled so she doesn't know anything about it, Ann her sponsor their principal picked Ann because she knew what it felt like to have parents that divorced , the only problem is that Ann doesn't like Lurlene. Kimberly Ann's best friend is studying for a spelling bee and Kimberly doesn't want Lurlene to join. Later on in the story Ann and Lurlene start getting closer to each other, and Kimberly feels left out. One day Lurlene wants to join but it is to late. All she can do is to pretend she is home schooled, Lurlene agreed with the principal. When the day came of the spelling bee finally came it Lurlene, Ann, and Kimberly made it to the other one. Kimberly spelt something wrong so she had to leave. Now it is Ann verse Lurlene, when Lurlene was trying to spell something Ann started chanting in her mind spell it wrong spell it wrong. After all Lurlene gave up and Ann won the spelling bee.

The Midnight Pig December 3rd,2009

The Midnight Pig is about a girl named Kylie she moved to town. Her mom works at a mini store. At school Kylie's teacher Ms.Sharp asked Kylie if she wanted a pet pig because her brother had one, she said sure. When the pig came Kylie was so happy.One night Kylie's mom Cheryl made a announcement that she was to tired so she needed someone to look after the store. "Tony Thompson" He was the one who was looking after the mini store from 4:30 until the shop closes. A few weeks later Tony was sketching out a plan of a bank. At dinner time Kylie told her mom Tony was going to rob a bank and her mom didn't believe her. A few days later Tony said that his grandmother was sick and that he needed to go visit her. The next day two men were robbing the bank. At night Fred grunted and Cheryl said that Kylie should go see what was going on. When Kylie went out she saw Tony sneaking in a old graveyard and going in a abandoned house. Kylie followed along but crunch Tony looked back and saw Kylie he took her in the house. The police car came and Tony and his "buddy" got handcuffed and went to jail.

Sign Of The Beaver /December 1st

In a colony a boy named Matt and his father were working together. One his father said Matt's mother had a baby and they had to go out for a long journey with Matts sister. Now he is stuck in the cabin having nothing to do. He meets a Native American in a group called "The Beaver". One day Matt tries to get honey and a bunch of bees swirled around his head. He falls on the ground and a Native American(Attean's grandfather) Save's him. Matt and the grandfather made a deal, if Matt teach's Attean then they have to give him food. Attean's come's the first few days. Attean doesn't enjoy himself for a few days. After a long time he finally enjoys himself, Matt reads him a story about Robinson Crusoe. Attean and Matt went fishing and started having fun. One day Attean said that he had to leave and find his sprite(Manitou) Then go out and hunt for a deer then come back before Attean left he gave Matt snow shoes for the winter. Matt is worried about his father not coming back because it looked like winter was coming up. Matt tries on the snow shoes Attean gave him, when he was prancing around he saw a sleid. It was his father! They went in the cabin and Matt's father told Matt about the sickness and that the baby had died after five days.