Rules April 22, 2010

I just finished reading a book called Rules By:Cynthia Lord. This book made me feel bad for Catherine because when my little brother is not behaving himself and is not listening to me when he is not suppose to do something. This made me understand the book more because I knew how Catherine was feeling when this happened to her. This book is Just Right because I knew how each character felt in the book and I also knew words in the book.

Two of the character that changed in the story the most was Catherine and David. Catherine changed in the story because in the beginning of the book Catherine was so mean to David and David just wanted to have fun. Another thing that changed for Catherine was that she was always so embarrassed that David was her brother because David has autism. David changed in the story because in the beginning David was so crazy he kept on screaming and he wanted Catherine to play with him.

This book is about a girl named Catherine. She has a brother that has autism and so her brother David doesn't really understand that there rules to things like knock on the bathroom door if the door is closed. David has to go to OT, OT is were he does activites to help him. One day Catherine goes to OT with David. Catherine sees this guy named Jason. He couldn't talk or walk so he had to sit on a wheel chair and he had card that had words on so when he wants to say something he could just point to the note card. Catherine was sketching him but Jasons mom saw and started saying to Catherine "Why are you looking at him? Because he's different?" Catherine was so scared that she didn't want to look at Jason anymore. The next time at OT Catherine apologized to Jason. Jason wanted to be friends with Catherine so he asked her what she drew the other day Catherine told Jason it was a sketch of him. When a new neighbor comes Catherine wants to play with her but Ryan a friend of Catherine's is always playing with Kristy the neighbor. One day Kristy and Ryan invite Catherine and Jason to a community dance but it is also Jason's birthday so Catherine goes to Jason's party but later on Jason and Catherine get in a fight so Catherine goes to the dance but when she is there Kristy and Ryan are not there yet. At the end of the book Jason and Catherine dance and Kristy and Ryan dance together. I think the authors message is that even if your sibling has a problem don't be embarrassed.


  1. I like how you put in a lot of the character's feelings and I liked how you wrote down what Catherine thought about David. As I read your blog, it really made me understand the story. One thing I think you should put in a connection. I really enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. I like your blog entry a lot. I think that you should put more details into the second paragraph when you explain how that characters changed and why. Overall, you entry was very good.