Civil War Reading Response

Dear Mr.Daw,

This Civil War book I have just finished reading is called "The Diary of Clotee a Slave Girl" by Patricia C.McKassack this book made me feel sad because many people had died. No one in my family is died yet but I know how Clotee is feeling. This book is just right to me because understand what is happening, but in the beginning the book was kind of confusing because I didn't know what was happening in the beginning.

One character that changed was Hince because before Spicy had come he wasn't very happy and when Spicy came Hince was very happy and liked Spicy. Another character change was Clotee, in the beginning she was very happy but later on a lot of characters in the book die so she becomes very sad. She is also very mad at Master Henley because he killed most of Clotee's friend or you can say the slaves that Master Henley owned. I think that the authors message is that people kill people when they don't obey what the person is saying when it is a African-American.

This book is about a slave who knew how to read and write. She keeps it a secret. She trust's her friends but doesn't want to tell anyone. Clotee the slave wants to know what abolish means. So she looks in Mas' Henley's room and finds some newspapers and looks in it. Mas Henley and his friend are always talking about abolish. One day Wook, and Reggie got married. Wook and Reggie got a baby named Noah. One day Wook, Reggie, and Noah ran away and when they were at the river Wook and Noah drounded and Reggie was going to run away but Mas' Henely shoots him. One day William Mas' Henely's son goes out and rides a horse. William tells Uncle Heb that his father told him he could ride the horse. Uncle Heb believed William that he could so Wiliam got on the horse and starts to ride. When William comes back Uncle Heb finds out that William is badly hurt, and got his leg broken so William had to ride on a wheelchair. When Mas' Henely's hears about this he whipped Uncle Heb until he died. Later on in the book William gets a tutor named Mr.Harms. He finds out that Clotee can read and write and he is also helping in the Underground Railroad with a man. At first Clotee thought that he would protect Reggie, Wook, and baby Noah but he didn't. At the last part of the book what happens is that Clotee is safe and she is very happy.

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