March 9, 2010 My Brother Stevie

Dear Mr, Daw,

I finished reading a book called My Brother Stevie By: Eleanor Clymer. This book made me feel sad because Stevie and Annies mother ran away from them because Stevie wasn't behaving. I can relate to this because sometimes I am not b
ehaving. This helps me because I know how it feels like to be not behaving. This is a just right book because I understand every word in the book and I know what is going on.

Stevie changed in the book because in the beginning Stevie was messing around the subway throwing rock at the train. But soon he learns that it is very dangerous to do that because people in the train can get hurt. Annie also changed in the book because in the beginning Annie got really mad at Stevie and couldn't trust him because he was throwing rocks at the train. But soon Annie is trusting Stevie because Stevie is learning not to throw rocks at the train.

This book is about a boy named Stevie not behaving so his mother runs away. Stevie and Annie Stevie's sister has to live in their grandmothers house because their dad had died and their mother ran away. Stevie's grandmother is more of an peaceful person and thinks that Stevie's mother is childish because she dance's around the living room when she is happy. One day Annie saw Stevie throw rocks at the train and went home. When Annie went home she saw Stevie and asked where he went. Stevie said nothing. Then Annie knew where to go to make Stevie stop throwing rocks at the train. The next day Annie went to Stevie's teacher called Mrs.Stover she said that she would take Stevie's class out and have them sit inside the train so they know how it feels like. Something else she said was that her mother was already died. When Mrs. Stover and Skipper goes out of town because her mother is very ill. When Annie and Stevie hears about this Annie is wondering why did Mrs.Stover have to leave? Annie went to her piggy bank and looks at how much money she has. Annie didn't have enough money so she went to her friend and asks her if she could lend some money. The next day Annie tells Stevie to pack is bags, Annie tells her grandmother that she decides that she wants to bring Stevie to a show that Annie was suppose to go with her friends, instead she takes Stevie on the train to Mrs.Stover in Hacketville New York. When Annie and Stevie get to
Hacketville they go to a store and ask for Mrs.Stover. The people who were working there didn't know who Mrs.Stover was because Mrs.Stover's mom was Mrs.Carter. When Annie and Stevie finally found out where Mrs.Stover lived they took the cab and went to her house. When Annie and Stevie got to Mrs.Stovers house they wait. Stevie went out and played with the other boys. When Mrs.Stover came Annie asked why Mrs.Stover said her mother was died. Mrs.Stover explained that she had a foster mother because her mother had died. Annie and Stevie called their Grandmother and told her that they were safe. After a few days Annie and Stevie had to go home.


  1. This is a great blog. I like how you explained everything and showed your feelings. I like how you explained why you where sad. I have one questions. Why would Stevie's mother run away just because he is misbehaving? Overall, this is a wonderful blog. I really enjoyed reading.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I like how you explained your feelings about the book like you felt sad, and then you wrote why you felt sad when you read this story. I also liked how you wrote down how you thought about the main characters in the book. One thing I think you should have put down is the author's message and what you want to change in this story.