Other Wise Known As Sheila The Great October 14,2009

Dear Mr.Daw,
I just finished a book called Other Wise Known As Sheila The Great. By Judy Blume.This book is realistic fiction I know this because it said that Sheila
can't swim.This book can connect to my life because sometime I hate how people don't do what I say when I am really scared,this helped me understand because I know how she feels.

Some Character traits are that Sheila is very mean to Jennifer the dog this changed because at the bend of the book she started liking Jennifer and said she was really friendly.Another character I can do is Mouse.She starts being mean to Sheila when Sheila said that Mouse couldn't help with the school newspaper(summer school)At the end of the book Mouse said that she was sorry and could of trust Sheila.

The way this books problem was that Sheila wanted to go to Disney Land for summer but at the end she said that she liked it better at the place Ergans.Something I would change about the book is that when she met ooch because was not the most important part of the story and you only needed to know that Mouse had a sister named Betsy.I think the authors theme is that you should not judge a place until you see it because in this story Sheila learns that the Ergans place is much more fun then Disney Land. November 4th,2009
This book is about a girl named Sheila.She has a sister named Libby.Its summer and Sheila wants to go to Disney Land.But her mother says that they are going to the Ergans over the break.When Sheila got there she saw a small dog,her name was Jennifer.Now Sheila is afraid of dogs so she tells her dad to get that little thing out of the yard.But Libbys says no don't take that away.Sheila said ok and she went out.Thats where she meets Mouse.Mouse loves to yoyo she can do a lot of tricks on it.Mouse asks Sheila if she could stay for lunch,she said sure why not?One day Sheila finds herself in a very bad situation.Sheila does not want Mouse to know that Sheila does not know how to swim,so when Mouse and Sheila were talking Sheila's mom came and said Sheila I have a teacher teaching you swimming.When Mouse heard this she was shocked.Mouse did not talk to Sheila for a day or two.One day Mouse and her friends were playing in the water and Sheila was taking lessons for swimming.The teacher was called Marty.At the endn of the book what happens is that Sheila and her friends have a sleepover and Mouse tells the truth about what Sheila was.Later that day they had a BBQ thats when Sheila said Jennifer wasn't that bad after all.

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  1. A very good journal entry with a book that I really like as well. There is so much that could be real in this story yet it is always turns out quite different than you expect. You need to be much more careful with your sentence structure as there are parts there that are very dificult to understand. Remember to add in punctuation to end a sentence and idea. There should be a space after each period.

    You did not mention what you thought the author's message was. Please remember to add this in to your next entry. Follow the instructions on the google docs sheet I have shared with you. It will help you stay more focused.